KEMUNING TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING (KTE) is one of the most leading supplier of engineering products and solutions in Malaysia with 3 offices/ sites across the nation, including the head office in Shah Alam, Malaysia. Since its establishment in 2012, KTE has been serving and delivering engineering solutions in tobacco manufacturing, FMCG, semiconductor and heavy machinery industries.
Through the combined expertise and dedication of our professional staffs, we provide engineering excellence and flexibility without compromise to safety and quality.



 To become a leading one-stop value added engineering solutions provider.



We are committed to deliver innovative engineering solutions and cultivate excellent relationship with business partners.
We develop engineering talent by fostering a workplace environment centered on career growth, work-life balance, and appreciation.

On Going Projects
In Hand Projects

We Thrive Ourselves On Creativity, Intuition & Determination.

KTE make the business move smoothly in every factory. You trust us, we deliver our professionalism thru our services.

We Are 

KTE use creativity to perform the job given by customers. This play a huge role why customers prefer us to do their job consistently.

We Have Intuition

KTE’s intuition always come forward for its customers. The customers might be facing problem if their factory’s machines are not in running order.

We Are Determined

KTE determine to solve all their customer’s problems, KTE knew the consequences might happen if a factory is not in perfect running stage.